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1v1 Luau 2018 Participant Signups
We are happy to announce that 1v1 Luau 2018 Signups for Participants are now available!
Visit the page for more info

This year we are handling signups differently. Instead of using Google Forms we'll be using the newly announced DuelCircle Forums!

Entering is pretty easy just follow the steps below!

You must first have an account on this forum, you can signup here!
Afterwards you'll be able to signup via this page!

Congrats you have entered into the 1v1 Luau 2018 PvP Tournmeant for Wizard101! Keep an eye on your email to see if you were chosen to be a participant!

If you have any questions/conconcerns/comments please either leave a reply here or tweet at us @duelcircle_pvp
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